Festive season: How it ought to be celebrated


THE festive season is the period leading up to and including Christmas and New Year.

The value of the festive season can be presumed in the input of preparations and the quality of time that people invest in it. Additionally, the festive season holds more value when it is thought of in the light of the person behind it (Jesus Christ) and the hope of New Year. Jesus Christ is the reason for the season and the anticipated New Year.
We are seeing many advertisements from both business and religious world positioned towards celebrating such special events. Christmas and New Years’ celebration comes with so much joy.
However, we still have to acknowledge many challenges and problems that come with the festive season based on some misconceptions of this Christian festival and impulse buying contributing to excessive spending.
The spirit amidst celebrations during the festive season is in appreciating the Saviour physically dwelling among human beings, it is about Jesus Christ emptying himself before humanity so as to draw them back to the Father, giving human beings the spiritual and physical access to God the Almighty Father.
Needless to say, many events which unfold during this special period don’t seem to point to such richness of the festive season. It is within the festive season that we witness to activities which do not give recourse to any spiritual attachment of Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.
It is not too late for an advice that as we celebrate, we take note of the reason for the season. In the recent past, we have been experiencing many accidents in the festive season often caused by alcohol abuse and exaggerated celebrations. Why should we keep on endangering each other’s life and losing it for nothing while Christ Jesus is destined to lose his life for us?
The festive season should be a period of sparing time for our loved ones. The festive season has to be a moment of giving quality time to the family, either extended or nuclear family. It is within the festive season that we are to make time to appreciate the company of our families and friends for their contributions to our life. Also, the festive season is the time to express a deeper sense of almsgiving, often expressed as Christian charity.
The festive season as a time for evaluation, amendments and making new plans
“Unreflected life is not worth living” says the philosopher. This season gives us the privilege to evaluate, amend and improve our life from the personal point of view in relation with our successes and failures annually in the following aspects: careers, families and in our relationship with God. The festive period is a time to gauge our commitment to personal and communal objectives with a view of fulfilling them in a soon coming year based on our Christian values.
The festive season is a time to stick to our dreams and to stay true to them by establishing areas and resources that can make them become a reality. The Christ who is born in this season is one who comes to help us achieve our dreams, making our dreams become a reality from where we are.
The season puts on table the principle of making good connection with the people who can help us achieve our dreams. Just like we prepare ourselves in celebrating the birth of Christ, so is the route of discovering the people who can help us realise our dreams. Like Christ, who comes to render his help to his people, so do the destiny helpers. Destiny helpers may be parents, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, comrades, companions, strangers inclusive. Through the destiny helpers, we re-organise ourselves and improve on who we have become to enrich our purpose and gain our full humanity. Across the pathway and into the life of every person, there are people who leave an indelible impression upon that individual in achieving ones purpose of life. Destiny helpers are gallant men and women who touch our life, make an indelible impact upon it, and fashion our character for the good of our fate. What we are today, and for whatever quality of life we experience, we have realised over and over again, that these men and women have made us what we are, and who we are. Mainly destiny helpers are the foundation for our life, and we have constructed our life upon their influence. Therefore, it is ideal that we re-connect ourselves with our destiny helpers so that as we enter the New Year, we may go in rejuvenated, energised and empowered.
In conclusion, there is a great need to realise the destiny helpers in our time, especially people who are honest to us so that we don’t live with false prophecies upon our lives which are only meant to excite us and to lead us astray. It is common during this season that people spend more than their earning and forget the finances that could help them in fulfilling their dreams. In many circumstances, people out of excitement especially on matters of alcohol abuse, would empty their pockets for people who do not even add any value for them so achieve their dreams.
In summation, we have to call to mind that the season actually is not ours but it is Jesus Christ’s period. Therefore, all our efforts in terms of preparation and celebration need to be oriented towards valuing the Christian identity attached to this special season.
The author is the pastoral worker at Cathedral of Christ the King in Ndola.

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