FAZ legal drama

Soccer Review with KELVIN KACHINGWE
ZAMBIA is undoubtedly enjoying something of a renaissance in film, revelling in telling its own stories to both local and international audiences. A local movie Dalitso, by Abraham Kabwe, over the weekend managed to get an award at the African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards held in Lagos, Nigeria.
Now, that is quite some achievement. It is not easy to find a story which is so compelling to both local and international audiences.
But for Zambian film-makers wanting some fresh story to tell, there is one which has been unfolding before us. It may not have reached its zenith yet, but I think it can still make a good drama, even at this stage. Obviously, since it is unfolding, there can always be room for a sequel.
Now, this one is nothing like Zuba. Or Mpali. Or Dalitso. Or Kwacha. Or Mfuti. This is a legal drama.

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