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FAZ in dilemma


SOME councillors have received the directive by the National Sports Council of Zambia to Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) not to table the case involving suspended vice-president Richard Kazala and committee member Blackwell Siwale at Saturday’s emergency council meeting with mixed reactions.
Copperbelt Division Three outfit Chifubu Bullets secretary Watson Mwale said in an interview in Ndola yesterday that there is need to ignore the NSCZ directive and table the matter before councillors.
On Saturday, FAZ deputy general secretary Lombe Mbalashi said the NSCZ is still conducting investigations over the conduct of the two.
“The National Sports Council is offside in this matter, especially with their directive.You cannot tell FAZ to remove that item from the agenda when it is a directive from FIFA.  FAZ executive members, when they had a meeting, had a stalemate and that is when they wrote to FIFA to seek guidance.
“And FIFA, in giving guidance, ordered FAZ to throw this matter to the councillors. That is why this emergency council meeting has been called for this Saturday, it is primarily because of this issue,” Mwale said.
He wondered what kind of investigations NSCZ is conducting.
But Zanama Football Club secretary Kelvin Chipili said councillors will respect guidance from the sports motherbody.
“The NSCZ oversees all sports associations in the country on behalf of government. I feel it’s only fair that we adhere to their guidance but they should speed up their investigations into the matter,” Chipili said.
Damiano Football Academy proprietor Damiano Mutale appealed to the NSCZ to handle the matter with fairness.
“We should not be seen to be fighting the NSCZ. I think let’s wait for them to independently conclude investigations into this matter,” Mutale said.
Former Ndola United chairman Bruno Mukeya lauded the NSCZ for the directive.
“This particular AGM is just to look at the constitution where FIFA are saying that we should reduce our Electoral College, so that is the issue that they are going to clarify and I understand FIFA representatives will be in attendance,” Mukeya said.
FIFA has directed FAZ to reduce the Electoral College from 350 to 80.

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