FAZ hits back at vociferous Nkana

LUSAKA/KITWE – The views of Nkana fans over their delayed coronation as Super Division champions on Thursday are well known – some of their comments are actually X-rated stuff – but
the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has hit back at the supporters and their officials saying they should be the last ones
to complain.
FAZ general secretary Adrian Kashala told journalists at Football House in Lusaka yesterday that Nkana have benefitted a lot from the rulings of the disciplinary committee in the past and should
not complain when other clubs benefit.
“We are not happy with the conduct exhibited by Nkana and we expect Nkana fans and officials to be the very last people
to complain the loudest because they have been beneficiaries of the decisions made by the judicial
process,” he said.
“Last year if I take you back, Nkana benefitted about nine points from the same judicial bodies they are insulting today.”

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