FAZ attracting derision over league decisions

IF THERE is a better way of gauging how the public thinks of the decisions taken by the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) in recent days as they attempt to conclude the league, then it ought to be through social media.
But social media is just that – social media. Some of the views being expressed there cannot be reproduced here, especially from the more vociferous Nkana fans. But the general consensus seems to point to a self-inflicted entanglement on the part of Football House.
FAZ general secretary Adrian Kashala’s remarks at Friday’s press briefing, where he said Nkana should be the last to complain because they have been recipients of favourable decisions in the past, looked to be ill-advised.
Unsurprisingly perhaps, there was a reaction from Nkana. The supporters, through lawyers Suba, Tafeni and Associates, have threatened legal action against FAZ over the chaotic close of the 2019/2020 season.
While the position taken by the supporters is not officially representative of the club, you can bet that it is not too different from that of management. CLICK TO READ MORE

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