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Father in dock over child support

THREE children have dragged their father to court for allegedly abandoning them after receiving his pension benefits.
Evans Mwewa, 24, Pethias Mwewa, 22, and Precious Mwewa, 21, sued their father Pascal Mwewa, 54, for lack of support.
The children told the court that their father, a former military personnel who was discharged from Zambia Army on medical grounds in 2011, went on to marry five women after divorcing their mother.
Evans told the court that his father has refused to support him, saying he should go and look for work.
“He likes telling me that his father did not leave him with any inheritance and that there is no need to leave an inheritance for me. He says he cannot give birth to me and find something to do at the same time,” Evans said. CLICK TO READ MORE

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