Farmers urged to take interest in training

AGRIBUSINESS Incubation Trust Limited has called on farmers to have interest in acquiring training in crop value addition to accelerate their growth and improve productivity.
The company is helping small-scale farmers to accelerate their growth through training in crop value addition.
Agribusiness Incubation Trust Limited advisor Augustine Tembo said currently, the company is providing training to farmers across the country to build their capacity.
“Local farmers have the capacity to be major contributors to the economy and bring the much needed foreign exchange. The challenge they have is lack of training. Farmers need to have interest in acquiring training to enhance their productivity,” Mr Tembo said in an interview over the weekend.
He said in Mansa, the company is supporting about 200 farmers in horticulture and they are currently suppling to Shoprite.
In Lusaka, 200 farmers are being supported, while Ikelenge has over 400 farmers being supported in pineapple growing.
Mr Tembo said the firm is also supporting farmers by helping them find market and adapt to new technologies to boost their productivity.
He said the firm has branches across the country and farmers access training from the respective areas.
He said the company also plans to scale up its training capacity from 40 farmers every six months to 70.
Mr Tembo said the horticulture sector has the potential to be the major contributor to the economy and help reduce dependency on copper as a major export earner.
He said there is high demand for products in the horticulture sector and urged farmers to take advantage of it.
He said the incubation is also supporting the development of the sector through training to build farmers’ capacity and quality of the produce.
“The horticulture sector is booming and also supported with the directive from President Edgar Lungu that the country should reduce imported products on the market. The sector has the potential to grow with the vast land in the country, and with training, it has the potential to be the major export earner for the country,” he said.

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