Farmers tipped to adopt water harvesting system

A SENIOR government official has urged farmers to adopt the water harvesting system which involves the accumulation and deposition of rainwater for re-use on-site, rather than allowing it to run off.
Ministry of Energy and Water Development assistant director for water affairs Simon Kang’omba said the system could save water for re-use on crops in times of drought thereby increase their productivity.
Mr Kang’omba said the system offers a good opportunity for individuals, institutions, communities and farmers to avoid water wastage in times when there is plenty.
“Currently as a country, there is need to come up with ways to save water at both household and national levels which can be used in time of need in light of climate change.
“Farmers should utilise the water harvesting system and use it to increase their yields during times when there is no water, like the current situation where the country has been hit by erratic rainfall in the 2015/16 season,” Mr Kang’omba said in an interview recently.
He said the Department of Water Affairs is currently popularising water harvesting through sensitising people countrywide on the importance of the system.
The department is conducting demonstrations on how the system works in strategic areas.
In a separate interview, Ministry of Energy and Water Development director for water affairs Howard Mpamba said Government is rehabilitating and constructing dams to address the water crisis the country is facing.
“We are constructing 15 new dams and rehabilitating 15 existing dams countrywide. The project is expected to cost about K140 million,” Dr Mpamba said.
He said the department intends to move away from the old method of only constructing small dams and boreholes to address the water crisis the country is facing.

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