Farmers advised to diversify

A TRADITIONAL leader in Samfya has urged peasant farmers in the area to diversify their farming activities for sustainable growth.
Chief Mwansakombe of the Bena Ng’umbo people said for a long time, people in his chiefdom have been practicing the same farming methods.
He said new methods of farming would enable them earn income to improve their living standards.
Chief Mwansakombe advised people to venture into piggery, fish farming, planting of crops such as soya beans, sunflower among others than depending on maize, cassava and groundnuts.
The chief noted that the old farming systems have kept the people of chiefdom poor.
“Make agriculture the main stay amongst yourselves, but diversify into other crops and don’t stick to old methods of farming.
“Keep a lot of livestock [like] pigs, goats, chickens and also venture in fish farming. New crops and livestock will improve your financial positions and subsequently the economy of the chiefdom,” Chief Mwansakombe said.
The chief also noted that the chiefdom has high levels of HIV/AIDS prevalence due  to extreme poverty.
He commended United States Agency for International Development Support to the HIV/AIDS Response in Zambia II for helping the chiefdom to come up with the plan.
The plan will act as a guide for activities from 2014-2018 to enable that chiefdom become sustainable to improve the economy.

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