Farm boy to self-made millionaire

AT SOME point, Ncube was involved in the goat business in Lusaka’s Chibolya.

WHAT has now become a success story would have been terminated nine years ago, when thugs, bloodthirstily brandishing fists and knives, pounced on him to beat and rob, leaving him half-dead in the lonely night of a foreign country.
The enterprising Dumisani Lingamangali Ncube was on a business trip to Johannesburg, South Africa, when the attack happened on March 12, 2010. He was a young man then, just about to hit the age of 18.
“They wanted to kill me… luckily, I survived and I used the little money I had left on me in an ‘inner’ pocket to get back home,” he narrates. The inner pocket was actually his underpants.
Small in stature and maintaining a sometimes severe aspect, Ncube now spends time attending to countless clients in his majestic office at the DLN Entrepreneurship Institute— it is not your kind of institute.
“Much has been said about the lack of entrepreneurial drive in our education system, it is no secret that it prepares us for employment as opposed to employment creation in an environment of job scarcity,” the DLN Entrepreneurship Institute website reads.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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