Letter to the Editor

Farewell Chimanyika, Chanda Chimba III

Dear editor,
IT IS with a deep sense of shock, sadness and pain on learning of the passing of two veteran broadcasters Chanda Chimba III and Dominic Chimanyika.
Both accounted for themselves very well during their time at the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).
Mr Chimanyika, who was one-time head of sports at ZNBC, stood out among sports presenters because he had a solid voice, did not imitate other commentators and researched before going on air.
Mr Chimba III, on the other hand, became famous for his ‘Stand Up for Zambia’ documentary on ZNBC as well as his advocacy against prostate cancer.
My dear condolences to the media fraternity, families and workmates of Mr Chimanyika and Mr Chimba III.
May God comfort the media fraternity, workmates and families of Mr Chimanyika and Mr Chimba III during this trying time.

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