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Farewell 2015, hello 2016!

EXALTING gospel music characterised the year 2015, again confirming that the Lord did not slumber on the millions of children of Zambia. He is the same yesterday, today and forever more. Amen!
That last year also belonged to secular artistes, who felt it worth returning to the ‘pulpit’ for the sake of Salvation, is totally encouraging and inspiring.
I mean, who would have imagined that the likes of MC Wabwino, with a flourishing secular career spanning decades would abandon his dancehall and ragga beats for the gospel?
Well, that is exactly what the brother did and for him, he is most welcome in the house of the Lord, in the same way Stan Da Industry, Damiano, Kanji, Gloria Kabonga and Franciar, have been welcomed in the Kingdom of Christ.
But still, the gospel releases belonged to some of the most amazing new gospel revelations in the Christian music circles with the likes of B3’s Mark Kasoma continuing the legacy of the twins.
After the demise of Marvin, his twin brother in March 2014, Mark vowed to move on and never let the B3 fire diminish.
Following the success of their two previous albums – Natasha – in 2005, which yielded the songs Wilalila and Inshita Naikumana and its sequel, Wemutima Wandi (2008), Mark set out to release the works left behind by Marvin on the album Champion.
On the other hand, Kasonde ‘Kachy’ Chimpasa, also set the road to Jerusalem on fire with his debut album titled My Story, and what a story he brought to the industry.
With some revered outcome from the studio as a member of Kings Malembe Malembe’s Royal Gospel band, Kristin made some stunning return with her second album – Aleisa.
Equally, her fellow youth, Deborah Chashi, after nasty street encounters as a tomboy, still came out with a smart album titled Run to You, which contained the songs Zina Lanu and Simbangai.
But then, the ‘big’ girls in praise and worship such as Mweshi Mulusa did not sit on their laurels because at the dawn of 2015, they were already relishing some blessed gospel grooves.
Her album was aptly titled Jubilee, which coincided with the return of Petershakes Kaira, the former Peace Preacherz vocalist’s Isampo as Capechino was also on fire for the benefits of the Cross with the album Time to Shine.
Tha Proof, was on song when he released the songs Munaniona (featuring Pompi) and Nearer To You (featuring Abel Chungu), which he launched last month as a Christmas bonus.
T Mathews and Damiano, both left the recording studios singing hymns and praise to the glory of the Lord.
They were also other follow-up album from award-winning gospel performers such as the Peace Preacherz and Ephraim with Tata Tatwabaunde and Teti Ntwishike, respectively.
R Sindy Z of the Kwatha fame, heeded the cry of the Lord “It is finished” on the cross of Calvary, as he brought lost souls closer to God with his brand new songs, which included Leka Ukulila, Mukulu and I am.
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