Letter to the Editor

Fake teachers should be deleted on payroll

Dear editor,
EVEN a fool who doesn’t know where he is going at least can tell you where he is coming from.

In the like manner, the most influential men in society may not know their fate but trace their success back to a teacher who made them who they are today.
It is argued that teaching is a noble career and teachers are producers of producers. It is a fact that we have all passed through the hands of a teacher and these have contributed both to our success and failures.
Despite poor salaries and conditions, teachers have continued working hard and even live in remote places were only the educated man is a teacher and as such, this field has continued attracting many men and women to join.
Former President Sata (MHSRIP) once said a nation without teachers is a dead nation! However, the recent revelation by the Teaching Council of Zambia that 498 teachers have fake school certificates is worrisome.
How will parents feel when they are told that their children are being taught by one who failed and opted to forge certificates? If a teacher can forge a certificate, what will stop pupils from looking for leakages? This brings shame to the entire teaching fraternity.
Recently, Lusaka Province took a long trip to Eastern Province to find out why that province is on top of things at Grade 12 level leaving the answers at their backyards – fake teachers!
My appeal to the teaching council is to publish the names of the affected teachers, including their positions. These must be retired in national interest, to save the face of teachers. There are many people with proper certificates on the streets waiting to be employed. Can they be replaced as soon as possible?

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