Letter to the Editor

Faith and hard work go hand in hand

Dear editor,
IT IS rare that a nation will set a day apart for the worship of the almighty God.

Zambia is such a blessed country that has consecrated a day of prayer, reconciliation, forgiveness and fasting to seek the face of God.
It is important for a country to pray for the favour of God upon its land, health, education, agriculture and economy.
As a country we need God-fearing leaders and God’s guidance to grow our economy.
You cannot put God aside and expect to prosper.
The Bible puts it clear. If the Lord does not build the house, in vain does its builders’ labour. This simply means that God must be at the centre of the country’s activities because without Him we accomplish very little.
As we implore God’s intervention every Zambian must be encouraged to work hard to end poverty, disease and illiteracy.
Faith and hard work go hand in hand.
God wants every Zambian to take part in developing the country.
Lastly, the blessings of God will come upon us if we uphold the justice of the poor.
This is why as a nation we need forgiveness from God so that we can live in harmony.

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