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Failure to provide lotion puts marriage on rocks

FAILURE to buy body lotion and hair extensions has cost a 38-year-old man of Makeni his marriage.

His wife, Idah Sibajeni 28, has sued Friday Daka 38, her husband of four years for divorce for allegedly failing to provide for her.

Facts before the court were that the two got married in 2013 and have one child together, K1,600 bride price out of the initial K8,600 which was charged.
In her testimony, Sibajeni told the court that Daka has never bought her lotion or hair extensions since the two got married.
“My husband does not take care of us, he has never supported me and our son. In most cases, I depend on my sister for clothes for my son,” she said.
Sibajeni also accussed Daka of being irresponsible and pleaded with the court to dissolve her marriage on grounds that he has refused to change despite several attempts of counselling from both the two families and the church.  
But Daka denied the allegations and accussed Sibajeni of being a lover of money.
He told the court that his wife’s love for money has been the source of problems in their marriage.
“We always argue whenever I go home without money. She does not understand my position every time I try to explain to her. I have always provided the necessary requirements at home. I am shocked that my wife is accusing me of being irresponsible,” he said.
Daka said his wife goes to her sister to visit especially on Fridays and returns home on Tuesdays.
In passing judgement, magistrate Abbyshine Michelo sitting with Mubukwanu Matakala granted the divorce and ordered Daka to maintain his child with K400 monthly.


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