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Failure to agree on kitchen party or wedding ends relationship

AFTER a failed relationship, a thirty-one-year-old man of Makeni is demanding a refund of K12,500 from his former fiancée’s family which he paid as dowry.
Sikalemba Munyasu told the Matero local court that he and his fiancée, Christine Mwewa, 26, failed to agree on whether to have a wedding or kitchen party hence the break-up of their relationship.
“I want my money because we failed to agree. My desire was to have a wedding while Mwewa wanted to have a kitchen party,” he said.
He was testifying in a case in which he was sued for divorce.
Facts before the court were that their relationship started in 2009 and Munyasu was charged 12,500 as bride price, an amount he settled in full.
Munyasu called off the wedding just a few months to go and this did not go down well with Mwewa.
He told the court that Mwewa and her sister went to his house to cause havoc and shout at him

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