Eye-catching story of a person living with albinism, abandoned by dad

TRACY Mutale. Right is 11-year-old Tracious Mutale.

TRACY Mutale, 23, of Kabanana Township, is living with albinism.
He now has a sense of relief because he has forgiven his father, who walked out of his family ten years ago.
One day, his father, whom he knows only as a Mr Mutale, left home and never returned to his family – his four brothers and his mother.
Two of his brothers also live with albinism.`
He calls his father a coward because he ran away from responsibility.
His father abandoned his duty to stand by the children and their mother when it mattered the most.
Though he was ten when his father walked out of their lives, he believes his father left them because of the myths surrounding albinism.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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