Letter to the Editor

Explore investment opportunities in rural areas

Dear editor,
APPARENTLY some people are fond of trekking from rural areas to urban areas in search of greener pastures. This, however, gives rise to rural urban drift.
This category of people who trek to urban areas have a notion that a person can only succeed by virtue of living in urban areas.
The gist of the matter is that urban areas are highly populated.
This compounds the high levels of poverty caused by high unemployment levels.
Truth be told, there is so much investment opportunities in rural areas which can make a person succeed.
These investment opportunities when explored can better the investor’s life and that of others.
In rural areas, people can invest in income generating ventures such as agriculture, mining and tourism, among others.
In this way, the potential investors in rural areas can become financially empowered and create employment opportunities for others particularly the youth.
The majority Zambian youth abuse alcohol and drugs.
This is not right because people must be productive and contribute significantly towards the development of the nation.
It is sad to note that foreigners are the ones seizing investment opportunities in the rural areas at the expense of the indigenous people.
However, this should not be the case and there is need for a paradigm shift among Zambians.
They should start seizing investment opportunities in rural areas and now is the right time.
It is never too late for people to explore investment opportunities in rural areas.

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