Expedite modern market construction – traders

LIVINGSTONE town centre market traders have appealed to Government to expedite construction of a modern market whose works

have stalled.
Market chairperson Shebby Mushabati said the traders have been waiting for the completion of construction works of the new market for five years.
“Five years is a long time to be spent in makeshift structures that we are currently trading from with no proper sanitation conditions. The situation gets worse during the rainy season,” he said.
Speaking in an interview recently, Mr Mushabati said traders have since lost customers during this period because it is difficult to be located.
He said business has been affected and that the traders are under pressure to make ends meet.
“We are appealing to them to quickly finish the market so that we go back to our trading location because some of our customers cannot locate us,” he said.
Mr Mushabati said the current place where traders are operating from is not habitable as the council does not provide any services.
“The Livingstone city council has withdrawn the services; they don’t provide us with security guards. We just used our initiative to hire security guards,” he said.
Mr Mushabati said the local authority should not chase street vendors because they have no trading place.

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