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Exam leakages denting society

EDUCATION is an instrument society uses to equip its members to lead productive public and personal lives according to their talent and interest.
Education avails gifted individuals an opportunity to develop their skills thereby nurturing future leaders.
It is through education that development of all the vocational abilities needed for the creation of a progressive and democratic society is augmented.
Examinations, as a way of evaluating the impact of the process of education on students, are a therefore fundamental.
Passing an examination sincerely is a source of pride and boosts one’s confidence to even confront tougher challenges in future.
It is, therefore, disheartening that year in year out we hear of pupils being arrested for engaging in examination malpractices, thereby distorting the entire process of education.
Just last week, about 42 Grade 12 pupils were arrested for allegedly engaging in examination malpractices in Lusaka and Nchelenge.
What is even more disappointing is that some of these pupils are aided by their parents to engage in malpractices by providing funds to purchase examination leakages.
As simple as it may seem, examination malpractices have a devastating effect on society as whole.
Firstly, we are raising a bunch of morally bankrupt individuals who will no longer recognise ethics as a value.
In discharging their duties, such individuals become mediocre, corrupt and grossly inefficient.
Most of them will never have confidence because they know the success they have was not genuinely attained.
The imprints of these examination malpractices will eventually become indelible marks clearly visible in all fields of our national life.
As these students who get high scores fraudulently filter into different disciplines, it is not the certificate that matters but the knowledge acquired and how it is applied.
If they become medical doctors, they will wrongly diagnose their patients and send them to the grave. If they are lawyers, they would corrupt justice and promote unjust causes. As professionals, they will fail to comprehend the complex rules of business and lead a country into underdevelopment. And if they are teachers they will fail to prepare their pupils adequately thereby perpetuating a vicious cycle for examination malpractices.
This is why law enforcement agencies should not relent in bringing all those found wanting to book because this is a war against our country’s development agenda.
Parents as custodians of these children, should not be in the forefront to support this deviant behaviour but should endeavour to impart good values of hard work, integrity and honesty.
Children need to know that whatever the case, the end does not justify the means.

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