Everything fine for Slap D


RAPPER Slap D has released a new music video titled Zonke, loosely translated as everything will be fine, on which he assures Zambians that things will eventually be fine again.

The song is off his Black Na White II (BW2) album and its’ video comes after the release of Forget You on which he features socialite Iris Kaingu.
With the sound track produced by Ricore and the visuals directed by Emmanuel Chilala and DJ Lo of Reel Studios, Slap D’s video delivers exactly what the song talks about; everything will be alright.
In the video, the rapper is seen helping out people who are undergoing different situations like suicide, heartbreak, disappointment and being bankrupt.
“This video is a dedication to Zambians and it is an assurance that one day, things will be fine again,” he told the Weekend Mail. “Cholera will be no more very soon.”
He says that many are the times people pass through tough situations because they do not have someone to talk in such times.
“Zonke is all about comforting someone undergoing a bad situation, it’s about telling someone struggling that everything will be fine. We need to be each other’s keepers in lifer,” the rapper explained.
Slap D says he is working on more videos and that his fans should keep on supporting him.
“I love my fans, their support is too much and I do all this for them,” he says.
Slap D has recently been releasing some catchy videos from his 17-track BW2 album that was produced last year.
So far, he has released videos of Vagwada, Radio, Devil You are Liar, Radio and Forget You.

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