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Everyday should be Christmas

ITS festive season again and shopping is part of fun for all ages including the young, like the ones above. Many shop owners are cashing in around this period mostly on clothes and food stuffs. PICTURE: STAFRANCE ZULU

CHRISTMAS is here with us once again. It is a time to rejoice and celebrate.
But the question is: Are we celebrating for the right reason?
This question is cardinal because if we know the right answer, we will celebrate in an appropriate way.

For some people, Christmas is a day to indulge and get involved in all sorts of activities that are devoid of the true meaning of Christmas.

For others, they know the day to mean wearing new clothes or going out as a family or with friends to have a time of fun.
And for some, Christmas is the only day they find themselves in a church building in the hope that their sins will be forgiven. Once the day has passed, it is business as usual.
Let us celebrate Christmas everyday, for in doing so we remember the birth of Christ, the saviour of the world.
When God sent his Son, Jesus Christ to the world, the sole mission was to save us, sinners from our deplorable state, which we could do nothing about.
In his grace and mercy, God himself, devised a plan for the salvation of sinners, the people who deserved to be punished for the sins we have committed.
The Bible, in Matthew 1: 21 tells Joseph that his wife Mary, would bear a Son and they would call his name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.
It was God’s plan that Jesus would be born through Mary, as a way of coming into the world, to eventually fulfil the plan of saving the world.
It is because Jesus came into the world that salvation also came for sinners, because Jesus brought it.
At the news of Jesus’s birth, the shepherds, hastily made for Jerusalem to “see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has made known to us”. The shepherds went back praising and glorifying God because they saw everything as it was told them.
And that is why after Jesus was born, wise men, worshipped him because he is King who came into the world to liberated a people oppressed by sin.
And so, the celebration of Christmas should have Jesus Christ as its focus because he has brought salvation for sinners. He is the reason for the season.
Simeon succinctly put it during the purification at the sight of Jesus when he was presented to the Lord, “..my eyes have seen your salvation..
All these people celebrated the coming of Jesus into the world. It is not the day that matters but the fact that he came into the world to bring salvation.
Granted, December 25 is not the day Christ was born and there is no contention. Jesus came and all those who forsake their sins to follow him are called Christians.
Maybe there would be no Christians if Jesus did not come to bring salvation to the dying world.
And so, we celebrate his coming, because this is what has made us what we are – Christians- if we believe in him.
It is therefore questionable for one to call themselves a Christian and yet they do not celebrate the coming of Jesus into the world.
People celebrate their birthdays but why should they find it hard to celebrate the birth of Christ?
Let us spend a moment this time as we celebrate, to search ourselves and embrace Jesus who came into this world to save us.
And let us a make his coming a daily celebration.
Merry Christmas.


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