EU to help State in tourism investment

THE European Union (EU) has pledged to support the Zambian Government in exploring new opportunities of investment in the country’s tourism sector.
EU head of delegation to Zambia Alessandro Mariani said this is because of the potential that the sector has in creating wealth and employment opportunities for the local people in Zambia.
Mr Mariani said this in Lusaka yesterday when his team met Minister of Tourism and Arts Jean Kapata to explore investment opportunities in the Zambian tourism sector.
“As we are all resident here in Zambia, we know that Zambia is a very beautiful country and we experience every day, the warm hospitality of the Zambian people. Exploring its incredible national parks and wildlife, the Victoria Falls and other impressive falls and lakes…
“Moreover, Zambia has a tropical climate, a passport to sunshine almost throughout the year. All in all, Zambia benefits from tremendous natural advantages all across its territory, and the untapped potential in the tourism sector is huge and this is the reason why we want to assist the Government in exploring opportunities of investment in the country’s tourism sector,” he said.
Mr Mariani said he is happy that the number of sectors in terms of contribution to the Gross Domestic Product and job creation shows that there is room for further improvement as tourism has been prioritised as one of the main areas of economic growth and diversification of the country.
He said the EU will work hard and support the Zambian Government in areas of infrastructure and energy sectors, private sector development and the development of sustainable wildlife management.
And Ms Kapata said Government is working out modalities aimed at promoting the growth of the tourism sector because of its potential in creating wealth and more job opportunities.
Ms Kapata said it is for this reason that Government has revised the tourism policy and legislative framework for the sector to align them with global trends and practices.
She said the revised policy will give direction for sustainable development and management of tourism by Government, the private sector and communities across the country.

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