ERB gets energy challenge


ACTING Energy minister Christopher Yaluma has called on the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) to explore the country’s potential on the alternative energy sources in order to grow the sector and attract more investment.

And Mr Yaluma has congratulated ERB for the role it played during the 2015/2016 power deficit.
Mr Yaluma said the country is privileged by the great potential for alternative energy such as solar and bio-fuels.
He said Government has put in place a policy through the National Energy Policy to encourage the use of alternative forms of energy in Zambia.
The minister was speaking at the launch of the ERB’s new service charter during the commemoration of its 20th anniversary in Lusaka on Friday evening.
“I wish to challenge ERB to rise to the occasion and ensure that all the potential is harnessed and exploited for the benefit of the national economy by providing an enabling environment that is attractive to investors,” Mr Yaluma said.
He said Government has high expectations on ERB and that the board will be a shining example on the continent and will serve as a reference point, especially for emerging energy regulators in the sub-region.
And Mr Yaluma said ERB played a critical role during the power deficit which brought about long hours of load shedding, noting that the situation could have been worse.
And ERB vice chairperson Professor Francis Yamba said ERB has learned a lot in the past 20 years, adding that it has not been an easy road.
“This is the nature of the regulation as it is virtually impossible to make everyone smile at the same time. As regulators, what has been critical is never to lose sight of ensuring national security supply,” Prof Yamba said.


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