ERB to bring fuel markers

THE Energy Regulation Board (ERB) intends to introduce fuel marking to control fuel contamination and dumping of the product on the local market.
Fuel marking involves the introduction of a bio-chemical invisible marker into petroleum products while monitoring fuel marker concentration levels using appropriate detection equipment.
The plan, which is contained in an ERB report, will also help reduce the smuggling of petroleum products into the country.
“ERB will introduce fuel marking in Zambia this year and onwards. The regulatory body undertook studies of fuel marking and established that it is the most effective intervention to control, minimise and eliminate fuel adulteration and dumping.
“Adulteration compromises the quality of petroleum products resulting in damage to vehicle engines, leading ultimately, to increase in the maintenance costs, and negative environmental and health impacts from adulterated fuel fumes,” the ERB says in the report.
The measures will help ERB to maintain a level playing field in the downstream operations by eliminating perceived benefits associated with unfair practices in the petroleum industry.
The report notes that monitoring of fuel marker concentration will be conducted at various points in the supply chain at pre-determined frequencies to rule out malpractices.
It notes that the fuel marker will help regulate the contamination of petrol or diesel with lower kerosene by individuals.

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