Epileptic man drowns

A SIXTY-TWO-YEAR-OLD man of Pepala village in Mufumbwe district in North-Western Province has drowned in Nyabikwa Stream after suffering an epileptic attack while swimming.
North-Western Province commissioner of police Auxensio Daka said in an interview yesterday the accident happened on Tuesday around 11:00 hours.
Mr Daka identified the dead man as Victor Pepala.
He said the death was reported to police the same day by Mr Pepala’s brother-in-law Kakume Alufonso.
He said police have retrieved the body.
And a 69-year-old man identified as Chibanda Chitambala of Kawawa village in Senior Chief Ishindi’s area in Zambezi district was killed on Wednesday by a crocodile whilst swimming in Makondo River.

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