Ephraim looks for talent for his DVD


AWARD-WINNING gospel singer Ephraim is looking for dancers and actors to feature on his forthcoming DVD of Teti Ntwishike, which is directed and produced by Ben Blazer.
The 12-track DVD has songs like Teti Ntwishike, I Need You More, Usiye Lala, Tamuchinja Iyo, Jericho, Ndemikabila Ine, Insuleni Imyulu, He’s Alive, This Kind Of God, Wameo Nimwe, Mwebe Mushilo and Umweo Wandi Niyesu.
Some of the songs on the package, which generally urges Christians never to doubt God regardless of their situation, are already receiving massive airplay.
In an interview with the Weekend Mail, Ephraim said he will be going in different communities to look for talent to feature on the DVD.
“[You should] Look out for this year’s auditions for my new DVD. We’re looking for great dancers, actors and actresses who can feature on this amazing Teti Ntwishike album,” he said.
He bemoaned the fact that despite many Zambians having talent, they are unable to get exposure because it remains untapped.
“When I had the conviction to do videos for the whole album of Teti Ntwishike, something told me to remember the talented in our community and I picked up the project,” he said.
“This is going to be big, we are going to conduct auditions and any talented Zambian regardless of age is welcome to the auditions.”
Asked why he decided to release musical videos after a long time, Ephraim said Teti Ntwishike comes with a different story and is a true demonstration of proper worship inspired by the Holy Spirit that requires videos for all the songs.
“I cannot say that this is my best album, but I believe every song I have released has come with a different story and has impacted people differently.”
Ephraim has so far recorded more than nine albums which include Miracle Child, Favour Is My Name, Limo Ndanaka, Lesa Talekalesha, Lekeni Iloke, Fixing My Eyes and Teti Ntwishika.

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