Entrepreneurs urged to venture into transport sector

CHILUMBULU Road has been expanded to dual-carriage and street poles installed much to the delight of pedestrians and motorists using them to beat time and traffic jam in Lusaka City

A LOCAL transporter has urged entreprenuers to venture into the transport business because of the sector’s ability to strengthen the economy and create jobs.

Lombesun Group of companies chief executive officer Sunday Lombe said the more local entreprenuers venture into the transport sector, the more money is realised and this will contribute to economic development.
The Lombesun group of companies is a Zambian transport business comprising Lombesun Holding Company Limited, Lombesun Bus Carriers, Lombesun Automotive Suppliers Limited and Lombesun Everycar Japan Limited.
In an interview last week, Mr Lombe said the company is expected to create more than 150 direct and indirect smart jobs for the local people.
“The opening up of economic zones which were deemed unreachable just a few years ago presents an opportunity for local entreprenuers to engage in the transport sector to enable people trade with ease from point to point contributing to Zambia’s economic development,” Mr Lombe said.
He said over the last one year, Lombesun Group of Companies through its subsidiary company, Lombesun automotive suppliers limited has been working on various transport solutions aimed at facilitating acquisition of reliable and affordable vehicles, trucks and buses.
Mr Lombe said because the companies are local, all the finances realised from the business are ploughed back thus contributing to Zambia’s economic growth.
He said as the company invests more in the transport sector, it also creates more employment opportunities thus complementing Government’s efforts to create 200,000 decent jobs annually.
“Lombesun expects to create not less than 150 direct and indirect smart jobs within a five year space business plan whose minimum investment portfolio is pegged at US$12.6 million,” he said.
Mr Lombe also said the company is optimistic that it will open a manufacturing plant in Zambia to serve as a central point for distribution of buses in East Africa.
He said the company also plans to open regional operations in Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria and Ghana within a five year plan.


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