Ensuring environmental sustainability: Biblical task

JETHROW Chipili.

RECENTLY I was watching the movie ‘Lion King 2019’ with my children and my six-year-old daughter asked me why Mufasa (the Lion King) was not allowing the other lions to hunt as they wished but rather to hunt sparingly. And that was how the lecture on the eco-system, biodiversity, environmental integrity and environmental sustainability started. As we walked through the lecture, it dawned on me just how important it is to start lessons on the environment early on in the lives of our children, especially in the wake of climate change.
During last year’s commemoration of Zambia’s 55th independence anniversary, in his message to the nation, the President, His Excellency Edgar Lungu, urged all Zambians to broaden their understanding and appreciation of climate change. He reminded the nation of the current generation’s duty to promote sustainable development and prosperity for all Zambians.

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