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Engineers vital to progress

Young & Ambitious:
HIS teacher Godwin Chanda describes his pupil’s performance as par excellence. He says Choolwe Tembo is an exceptional pupil is and is well disciplined, calm, collected, determined and focused at school.
Aged 11 and in grade six at Don Gordon School, Choolwe wants to become an engineer when he completes his secondary education.
“Engineers are very vital to the development of any country, engineering has become part of our daily lives. I feel I will greatly contribute to the development of our country when I became an engineer especially in the energy sector so that load shedding becomes a thing of the past,” he said.
Choolwe also hopes to develop improved irrigation and equipment so that the agricultural sector grows even more.
Inspired by his elder sister, Choolwe believes his love for mathematics, science and technology studies are an added advantage. He also says his teachers at school are always there for him in order to help him understand and know what to expect once he becomes an engineer.
“I want to leave a legacy both at school and home, my older sister became the second highest pupil in Africa at grade seven level and I want to beat that record. I thank my parents as they always make sure I work hard at school. When I face challenges, they are my source of strength,” noted Choolwe with a smile.
In his free time, Choolwe likes to read and repair damaged electrical appliances and he plays computer games.
He hopes to go to China in future to improve his career as he believes China has one of the best engineers in the world. His favourite meal is rice with chicken.
The third in a family of four, Choolwe believes in God and always prays to him for guidance and protection.

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