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‘Engineering is my dream’

Young & Ambitious with MIKE MUGALA, Nchelenge
Inspired by his late father, Richard Tembo a grade 12 pupil at Tasha field school in Nchelenge dreams big and is determined to become a civil engineer once he completes his secondary education.  
The fourth born in a family of five, Richard says civil engineering has been his childhood dream.
“I want to improve the standard of infrastructure in our country specifically the road infrastructure. My wish is to take Zambia to the level of other developed countries in as far as infrastructure is concerned. I also want to follow the footsteps of my father” he said.
Once his dream is fulfilled, Richard would also love to uplift the standard of living of his family by helping his mother and sibling with financial support.
With only few months before his final examination, Richard is not living anything to chance but studying hard.
“I know that going to the University of Zambia requires one to have excellent qualifications, whenever I knock off from school, I dedicated most of time studying and researching,” Richard said.
He believes that one has to work hard in whatever they do to become successful in life.
Richard has advised his friends to be determined and always work hard at school.
“Nothing comes on a silver platter, I believe one has to sweat to find sweet. So, it is only by working hard, being focused that one can reach their destination,” he said.
In his free time, Richard likes reading books and listening to music.
His favourite subjects are science, mathematics, accounts and biology. Richard said he would not love to travel to any other country as he believes that Zambia is best country in the world.
“ I believe each one of us has a duty to make Zambia a better place to live in as opposed to going to live abroad,” he said.

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