Engage in fish farming – Sichone

MAPALO LUPUPA, Shiwang’andu
MUCHINGA Province Minister Malozo Sichone had urged residents of
Shiwng’andu district to engage in fish farming because it as a lifetime investment.

Mr Sichone said fish farming could reduce employment and poverty among the youths because it was a viable business.
He urged the people of Shiwang’andu to invest in such economic activities to improve their families’ livelihoods.
“Most of the youths in Shiwang’andu have been engaged in economic
activities, and I challenge them to adopt the initiative of fish
farming. This will also create employment for others in their communities,” Mr Sichone said.
He said people should venture into fish farming to bridge the
gap created by the fish ban between December and February each year.
Mr Sichone said he had observed that demand for various types of fish like the tilapia was high during the ban.
Fish farmers could supply the commodity within Shiwang’andu and other districts and make money.


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