Engage clientele on e-payment, financial institutions urged

THE Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has implored financial institutions to engage their clientele on the availability of the electronic (e)-payment solution which was developed for efficient payment of tax obligations.
The ZRA e-tax system is an electronic base system which enables taxpayers to connect on-line and in real time to make any payments.
ZRA commissioner finance Bridget Muyenga said only 17 percent of the taxpayers in Zambia are using the platform with 13 participating commercial banks as at August 31.
“It, therefore, follows that the remaining 83 percent of the taxpayers have not been reached yet and are still waiting to be mapped for e-payment.
“To take the benefits of this payment solution to the taxpayer, ZRA is urging the banks to capacitate their personnel countrywide with technical know-how of mapping clients to this platform,” Ms Muyenga said.
She said paying taxes electronically will not only help to reduce the cost of doing business in Zambia, but also enhance trade facilitation.
Probase, a financial transactions company, has since been engaged to provide the integration between ZRA and financial institutions.
Earlier, Probase chief executive officer Roy Muyelu said a key aspect of the system is that it fosters efficiency in terms of time-serving and cost-effectiveness.
“The traditional process would have been that someone would have had to go to ZRA to fill in paperwork or end up buying a mangers check but in this instance, all end-to-end process is finalised from the comfort of the client’s home, office or road as long as they have internet connectivity.
“…Somebody can be anywhere at any time of the day because the platform is online, they can connect check available funds in their account, see their obligations and make a payment,” Mr Muyelu said.

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