Energise PF, Vera urges members

FORMER First Lady Vera Chiluba Tembo has appealed to Northern Province Patriotic Front (PF) officials to strengthen the party for it to secure President Lungu’s re-election in the 2016 general elections.
And Northern Province minister Freedom Sikazwe says the party leadership in the province needs to be re-organised following the confusion that rocked the PF leadership in the run-up to the January 20 presidential election.
Speaking when she and First Lady Esther Lungu held a meeting with PF Northern Province women officials on Tuesday evening, Ms Tembo said those that left the party because they were being given money in the last election are unprincipled.
“Today’s politics are about money, so many political parties will come and offer you all sorts of gifts, but I urge you to remain principled and disciplined. I also urge you to embrace new members so that the party remains strong,” Miss Tembo said.
She pledged to ensure that PF remains in power so that President Lungu continues with his good works.
Ms Tembo revealed that she has been assigned to strengthen the women leadership through economic empowerment so that  it is more influential.
She encouraged women to form groups which will be empowered on her return to the province.
And Mr Sikazwe asked Mrs Lungu to speak to the President for permission for the Northern Province PF to re-organise the party leadership.
“At the grassroots, we are very strong, it’s only the leadership that has lost direction which we need to re-organise,” he said.
Mr Sikazwe said he has no powers to do so unless the party’s central committee gives him a go-ahead.
Meanwhile, Mrs Lungu said she is thankful and proud of the women who voted for her husband and urged them to remain principled.

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