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‘Empower women to negotiate for safer sex’

DISTRICT AIDS coordinating advisor Stephen Ndebele says there is need to empower women with knowledge on how to negotiate for protected sex to help reduce the high HIV/AIDS prevalence rate among women in Livingstone.
Mr Ndebele said some local proverbs that teach women to be tolerant of men’s promiscuity are not appropriated in this era when there are a lot of sexually transmitted diseases.
In an interview recently, Mr Ndebele advised women to always stand their ground on sexual issues for their benefit and that of their children.
“Women usually stay in marriage where the husband is involved in multiple sexual relationships with a consolation that she is doing it for their children,” he said.
He observed that certain cultural practices that encourage male dominance must be discouraged. if the country is to have vibrant healthy women.
Mr Ndebele disclosed that female youths between the ages of 15 and 25 are most at risk of contracting HIV as they engage in unprotected sex with older men.
He also attributed the high HIV/AIDS prevalence rates to drug abuse, resulting in impaired judgments.
He said there is need to provide the youth with adequate comprehensive knowledge on HIV/ AIDS, including comprehensive sexual education.
He said it is unfortunate that there is less youth involvement and participation programme interventions, adding that most interventions are made by people who may not fully understand and appreciate the needs of the youth.

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