Letter to the Editor

Employers, help save marriages

Dear editor,
ZAMBIA is grappling with high levels of divorce. Last year alone, 28,000 divorce cases were recorded.
This is alarming, especially for a Christian nation.
While there are many factors that contribute to divorce, separation of couples through career pursuits is certainly one of them.
Today, we have many couples living apart because of jobs.
Most couples are in dire financial situations such that it is difficult for one of them to sacrifice a job. In most instances, they need both incomes to survive.
Most couples end up in commuter marriages, which have proved costly financially and emotionally.
Marriages have broken down because some spouses have failed to remain faithful during separation.
As a Christian nation, safeguarding families as a cornerstone of our society cannot be overemphasised.
The Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs should guide Government to put in place deliberate measures that prevent employers from separating couples unnecessarily.
Employers, including Government, should be mindful of the impact of transfers on families of its employees.
Employers should understand that if workers are affected emotionally due to marital problems or divorce, they are not likely to be productive.
Employers should therefore carefully study each case thoroughly to ascertain the level of impact on an employee’s family.
Employers should also consider the stage at which a family is. Some stages, especially when kids are still young, are delicate.
On the other hand, couples should also consider the cost before making a decision to separate.
Kapiri Mposhi

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