Employ qualified marketers – ZIM


THE Zambia Institute of Marketing (ZIM) says organisations need to accord marketing the attention and importance it deserves through employing qualified persons in their departments.
ZIM president Evans Muhanga said marketing is at the core of every business and supports organisations especially during turbulent times.
Mr Muhanga said at the ZIM employers’ forum recently that organisations need to engage qualified manpower to offer value for money to consumers.
“It is for this reason that ZIM would like to ensure that high levels of professionalism are achieved…We have noticed with concern the proliferation of masquerades in the profession where the general belief among many is that anyone can be a marketer regardless of the background and training.
“We need to engage you our stakeholders in this manner so that we can develop an understanding of how we can complement each other’s efforts as we strive to fulfil our mandates,” he said.
He said there is complete disregard for professionalism and that the formal training does not exist in marketing.

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