Embrace traditional ceremonies – Lubinda


CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
MINISTER of Justice Given Lubinda has urged Zambians to embrace traditional ceremonies because they are a source of unity.
Mr Lubinda said traditional ceremonies are important for national development.
He said traditional ceremonies belong to everyone in the country and called on all the people to support them.
Mr Lubinda was speaking in Livingstone yesterday during a fund-raising dinner for the Kuomboka traditional ceremony of the Lozi people of Western Province.
He paid tribute to the people of Southern Province for supporting the hosting of the Kuomboka ceremony.
Mr Lubinda said there was need for the people in the country to live in peace.
He called for the marketing of the Lozi traditional dress because it is part of the country’s culture.
Mr Lubinda said there is need for the country to come up with a national dress through which the country could market itself.
He pledged to build an ablution block at Limulunga for next year’s Kufuluhela (Kuomboka) ceremony.
“I am pledging to construct a new ablution block for the people that are going to come for the ceremony in 2018. I will do this undertaking with the help of my brother Lawrence Evans, the former member of Parliament for Livingstone,” he said.

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