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Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
SOCIETY seems to no longer value the extended family system as was the case in the past. Currently, what is happening is that people value the nuclear family: mother, father and children.
It saddens me to see children languishing; to an extent where some have become street kids. It is not that there is no one from the extended family capable of taking care of them; the problem is no one wants to take on extra responsibilities.
I understand that times are hard but how does one live comfortably to see a child on the street, and whose mother or father was a sibling to the one driving past?
Never take life for granted. You may be alive today, lavishing your children, but do you stop to think what will happen to your children if you dropped dead today?
I know people give the excuse of the cost of living being too high for them not to take in other children, but what if the shoe was on the other foot? Often, this is what we tend to forget.
However, there are still some good people out there. I know of a woman who has taken in four of her late brother’s children.
Despite coming from a big family, with six other siblings, none of them extended a hand to take in their late brother’s children.
She admits that it has not been easy but she cannot live peacefully knowing that her later brother’s children are languishing in the village, with no opportunity to go to school.
If such children are not empowered, they will forever be a burden, so it is better to educate them so that they are weaned off to stand on their own.
The lack of care and support to vulnerable children has resulted in some indulging in vices such as crime, prostitution and begging on the streets. Society is quick to judge them, but the children have to survive in one way or the other, be it through hook or crook.
Let’s bring back that oneness in families and look out for each other. It may not be you today, but you do not know what tomorrow brings. Death comes sometimes when you least expect it, and for as long as no person is immortal, it is important to embrace the extended family.
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