‘Embrace Constitution Amendment Bill’


PATRIOTIC Front vice chairperson for media and publicity Sunday Chanda has called on stakeholders to embrace the Constitution Amendment Bill 2015 as it serves the best interests of the nation.
Mr Chanda said in a statement that President Lungu has honoured his promise to release the final draft constitution.
“Zambians will also recall that as Acting President, President Lungu released the final draft constitution on independence eve,” he said.
Mr Chanda also said that Zambians can, therefore, be assured that the PF government is still committed to a constitution that serves the interest of the people.
He said PF is also cognisant of the fact that this process is about consensus-building and allowing citizens to interact with the content.
Mr Chanda said  his party is aware that betraying Zambians on the constitution would be tantamount to injuring society.
“And that has never, and will never be part of our progressive agenda. We are further convinced that indeed, there is no genuine stakeholder in the nation who would argue that the PF government has doctored the Constitution Amendment Bill of 2015 to suit its interests,” he said.
He expressed hope that stakeholders will not drag the constitution-making process unnecessarily by dwelling on peripheral issues, while paying a blind eye to the bill’s contents.
“PF can attest to the fact that contrary to what pessimists and others have alleged, the people of Zambia can trust the content and spirit by the PF Government behind the Constitution Amendment Bill of 2015,” he said.
Mr Chanda also said the PF understands that the process is not cast in stone, and as such, all stakeholders should engage in this process in the spirit of give and take.
“Anxieties are normal considering that Zambians have been dribbled on the constitution-making process before, even during regimes when neither the opposition nor civil society existed.
“Society, however, cannot be trapped in the fears and betrayals of the past because the seasons and circumstances have changed and democracy is more entrenched,” he said.

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