El Mukuka releases ‘Amor Mio’

El Mukuka playing at The Misty during the launch of Mi Casa’s album Familia. PICTURE: SOUNDWAVE

DJ and producer El Mukuka has released a new single titled Amor Mio with Zambian songstress Marocco.

El Mukuka’s new fiery single, which means My Love in Spanish, is a collaboration with Germany producer Shaun Bate and Zambian songstress Marocco that merges the flamboyant world of Latin music with house music in a sun-kissed summer package glittering with cutting edge production work and a fiercely catchy hook.
Mukuka’s last two releases on Universal Music South Africa and Blanco y Negro Music Spain set the tone for his long term career vision to fuse European melodic house with world music elements, earning him close to one million Spotify streams, radio and iTunes chart rankings and an official remix from the smash hit European DJ duo Filatov & Karas.
Over the years, Mukuka, a Zambian- Greek DJ and producer, has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with and a pioneer who is pushing the boundaries of Zambian music.
He has played at some of the biggest festivals in sub-Saharan Africa such as the Vic Falls Carnival, R&G Oktoberfest, Barefeet Music Festival, Siavonga Music Festival and the Zanzibar B&W Festival while also playing alongside some of the top players in the region such as Goldfish, Goodluck, Joe Mfalme and Professor.
He recently performed at the Misty Jazz Restaurant and Café in Lusaka where Mi Casa was launching its latest album Familia.
Mukuka recently partnered with Heineken, which helped accelerate the growth of the house music scene in the country and helped to expose Zambian house music to the world.
His music can be described as uplifting, infused with African elements, rich in melody and harmony and groovy. At the start of this year, he said he is looking forward to a very exciting year with lots of powerful releases, international shows and innovative brand partnership concepts.
In April, the 24-year-old became the first Zambian DJ to sign with the international record label, Universal Music, which is arguably the biggest dance music label in Africa and a division of one of the three global record labels.
His other single “Something’s Coming” released the same month on Universal Music South Africa, is a collaboration with Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Kayla Jacobs and a follow up to their last collaboration Bottle of Loneliness.


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