EIZ, ZAM, farmers hail KK industrialisation agenda

MINING in Zambia history and future indicates that on a small scale, the mining activities by the natives were widespread across the Copperbelt region and other places

FOUNDING President Kenneth Kaunda’s industrialisation drive turned the country into a manufacturing hub when state-owned enterprises took the lead in the production process, Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) president Abel Ng’andu has said.
Mr Ng’andu said Dr Kaunda’s administration ensured that state-owned firms were in the forefront in the textile and agriculture sectors.
He said in an interview recently that Dr Kaunda’s role in Zambia’s economic growth cannot be underestimated.
Mr Ng’andu said Dr Kaunda’s industrialisation concept showed Zambia’s manufacturing prowess.
He said the level of infrastructure at independence in 1964 was low and Government invested in industrialisation to boost the economy.
Mr Ng’andu cited projects like the Kariba North Bank power project, which is still contributing to the industrialisation agenda.
He said the manufacturing sector needs reliable power supply to CLICK TO READ MORE

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