Letter to the Editor

Eight hours load shedding retrogressive

Dear editor,
I WRITE to appeal to Zesco to strictly consider reducing the load shedding hours from eight (8) hours to reasonable hours.With a lot of businesses depending on electricity, it is economically not good to lose eight hours of work because of load shedding.
As if that is not enough, the utility firm is again tampering with the hours by not sticking to the stipulated hours according to their load shedding schedule.
If it was in developed nations where there is respect for rule of law, we could have been compensated through legal redress against the company, amassing a lot of money from the firm.
I appeal to Zesco to rethink and reduce the hours accordingly.
Let the utility company also tell the nation what has necessitated this load shedding.
I also appeal to all Zambians to be alert and make sure Zesco only load sheds their areas at the correct times and for the stipulated duration, no more no less.
Lest we are taken for granted by these utility companies.

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