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Education key to sustainable development – expert

A UNITED Kingdom-based Zambian professional, Martin Kalungu-Banda, has called for concerted efforts in ensuring that children receive an education which he says is not only a basic human right but also a foundation for sustainable development.
And Mr Kalungu-Banda has noted that as Zambia embarks on implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and her continued aspirations for the vision 2030, the country needs a dynamic leadership that can inspire people to attain their full potential.
He was speaking in Lusaka during the launch of his book ‘Driftology’ which he co-authored with his daughter Mbololwa Kalungu-Banda.
Mr Kalungu-Banda has donated proceeds from ticket sales of the book to Lubushi Secondary School in Kasama where he was at, 34 years ago.
“We need to support children to go to school, stay in school and learn. For this reason, we have decided to donate all proceeds from ticket sales for this event to Lubushi Secondary School in Kasama,” he said.
Mr Kalungu-Banda said people attain their full potential through the help of others.
He also said in achieving goals, people need to acknowledge the ‘guardian angels’ who have helped them get there.
“When I wrote my book on Nelson Mandela, someone said to me, I know you are a villager but how does a villager get to do this?
“I wish I could say I am a good planner or that I am so intelligent but I recognise that I’ve had people in my life who have helped me achieve,” he said.

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