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Educate children on politics – NGO

MEDIA Network for Child Rights and Development executive director Henry Kabwe has called on stakeholders to orient children on politics.
“There is need to ensure children are made to be democratic at a younger age to ensure there is more participation in politics,” he said.
Mr Kabwe said in an interview that institutions and NGOs that are mandated with the electoral process should take up the challenge of mentoring children into becoming democrats.
He said the Ministry of General Education should introduce a club in all schools that solely orients children in democratic practices.
Mr Kabwe said all club members should have elections, then, they should have provincial elections that will ultimately usher in a national youth president.
He said prefects should also be elected into office so that all office bearers in schools are subjected to a vote.
Mr Kabwe said it is only when children are introduced to the political world at a tender age that they will be able to appreciate politics and exercise a high level of tolerance.
He said once people understand politics wholly, then the problem of violence can be resolved.
Mr Kabwe said the councils should also have structures in all the provinces where young people could be meeting.
He said the next government should consider introducing democratic processes in schools.
Mr Kabwe said though Zambia has not experienced major civil strife, pockets of violence have the potential to destabilise the country.

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