ECM plans $1.5 farm

ECM Agri Limited intends to develop 4,000 hectares into a commercial farm for crop and livestock production at a cost of about US$1.5 million in Lufwanyama district.
Under the project, the main crops to be grown are soya beans, wheat and maize, and on livestock production the company intends to rear 800 herd of cattle and sheep.
This is contained in an environmental impact assessment (EIA) report and resettlement action plan submitted by the firm to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) and availed to the Daily Mail last week.
The farm, which will be situated along Luswishi River in Chief Fungulwe’s area on the Copperbelt is expected to increase crop production for maize, soya beans and wheat once the project is implemented as some of the crops will be grown under irrigation while others will be rain-fed.
“The t o tal area to be designated for the grazing land is approximately 1,000 hectares situated within the farm area. The projected production quantities are 7.5 tonnes per hectare for wheat, nine tonnes per hectare for irrigated maize, eight tonnes per hectare for rain-fed maize, four tonnes per hectare for irrigated soya beans and 3.5 tonnes per hectare for rain-fed soya beans,” the report reads.
The EIA says the major activities related to the proposed project are land preparation for farming activities, including land preparation for planting, construction of farm buildings and access to roads installation of power and water reticulation systems, including centre pivots and boreholes.
Other activities will include the construction of staff houses, offices, workshops and storage barns, abstraction of water and irrigation, maintenance works, application of pesticides and fertilisers, harvesting and storage of the produce, transportation of materials and machinery, and waste management.

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