Letter to the Editor

Ebola: Where’re vocal faith healers?

Dear editor,
AFRICA’S most populous country appears to be experiencing both its best and worst times – being blessed with a self-styled ‘prophet’ who specialises in the dispensing of healthcare miracles.
In the same breath since the Ebola disease broke out eight months ago in Guinea, the virus has fast spread to other countries including Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.
Ebola is also considered Nigeria’s biggest source of worry.
But the gap between reality, and the much talked-about synagogue’s faith-healing has become starker, in the face of the havoc wrought by the deadly Ebola.
As the World Health Organisation (WHO) critically analyses Ebola’s life-threatening diaspora, Nigeria will now be under even more pressure to resolve this paradox.
Thousands of Zambians continue flocking to that country looking for relief from the economic and spiritual situations besetting them, and for services such as health care that are almost non-existent back home.
Perhaps fearing the adverse risk and publicity this is generating, the Zambian government has advised its citizens to seek miracles on home soil.
The synagogue in Nigeria claims to offer solace and healing to thousands of its converts.
Perhaps predictably, though, the ‘prophet’ has since gone quiet on the Ebola outbreak because he doesn’t seem to have an answer yet.
A considered case of cashing in on mega-litres of ‘holy water’ gone sour?
It does seem likely.

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