Letter to the Editor

E-waste on the rise

Dear editor,
ALLOW me draw our country’s attention to E-waste. E-waste refers to discarded electrical or electronic devices, like mobile phones, computers, radios, televisions, video games, printers, and other household, industrial, or office electronic equipment.
It is vital to note that most electronic devices have highly hazardous components, such as lead and mercury.
Most countries, Zambia included, do not have proper means to manage and recycle E-waste, landfills and incineration result, both of which are damaging our planet and alarmingly contributing to global warming.
We need to guard against the dumping of such waste. Government, through the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) and other stakeholders should make laws that prevent the importation or receiving of products that are nearing their usefulness.
This will save us from spending millions of kwacha to mitigate the effects of these items on our environment.
Lusaka climate ambassador

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