E-voting: Some parties embrace idea

SOME political parties have welcomed President Lungu’s idea to implement the electronic voting system during the general elections.
United Party for National Development (UPND) deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo said in an interview yesterday that the system is good for counting and voting purposes.
Mr Lifwekelo said this will ensure full participation of Zambians in the electoral system regardless of where they are located.
“The idea of implementing e-voting is welcome but currently, as UPND, we feel Zambia is not ready because it is lacking strong institutions to manage machine manipulators,” he said.
He said Government must first create confidence in institutions mandated to spearhead elections in Zambia.
Mr Lifwekelo urged Government to put measures in place to avoid manipulations of the machines by hackers.
“If government will not put strong measures to monitor e-voting, it will be as good as doing nothing because many hackers will tamper with the results and foreigners will also vote,” he said.
And Forum for Democracy and Development spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said the e-voting system is a brilliant idea considering the rate at which Zambia is moving.
Mr Mwanza said peaple need to be adequately enlightened on these developments for them to be conversant.
He advised President Lungu to channel adequate funds to election projects such as voter education which is not effective at the moment.
“The idea is good but President Lungu should channel funds to projects like ensuring that Government Printers is able to print ballot papers locally,” Mr Mwanza said.
Fourth Revolution Party president Eric Chanda said the idea is welcome but that currently Zambia has no capacity to implement it because most of its citizens are in rural areas and they have no access to the internet.

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