Letter to the Editor

Drive cautiously this festive season

Dear editor,
IT’S that time of the year when the atmosphere around us and throughout the world is full of excitement as people celebrate the festive season and ultimately Christmas Day.

Narrowing it down to our country, throughout the past years, people have celebrated Christmas in a number of different ways which include going to church, having parties and taking vacations.
However, in the same way this season brings joy and excitement, I have noted that the season brings about unintended sorrows specifically due to accidents.
Whether or not there is a direct correlation between this season and an increase in the number of accidents cannot be made certain.
Nonetheless, following the trend in the recent past, it’s observed that a number of accidents take place during this period, most of which occur because some motorists drive under the influence of alcohol.
Just recently an accident occurred on Zambezi Road right in front of our gate.
A young man who was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol stepped on the car brakes abruptly at the sight of a hump which he had overlooked causing the car to overturn before landing in a drainage.
Fortunately for this young man and a female passenger, they escaped unhurt. But life could have been lost.
I am therefore urging all motorists during the festive season to drive cautiously this period and avoid drink driving.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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